The First-time Entrepreneurship (1961~1984)

Luoyang Ship Material Research Institute was founded in Beijing. Then it moved to Luoyang in 1971. Basic research on material and process was established in the Institute.


The Second-time Entrepreneurship (1985~2001)

Major industry including special equipment, titanium casting, anti-corrosion material were gradually formed during these years. In 1993 the Institute was issued the license to do import and export business.


The Third-time Entrepreneurship (2002~2018)

SUNRUI Group which focuses on the industrialization was established in 2007. The products of titanium sponge, , stainless steel castings, bridge bearing, ballast water treatment system developed and grow quickly during this time.

From 2019

High-quality Development Time (from 2019)

LSMRI/SUNRUI insists on the core of development driven by innovation, many new industries and products were developed or under developing. Low carbon and eco-friendly developing is the global vision. LNG fuel gas supply system (FGSS), wind turbine blade and some strategic new material became to be the growth points. The institute entered into the totally high-quality development time from 2019.

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