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In this area, LSMRI had achieved many innovations in China.
The hyperboloid spherical anti-vibration bearings had obtained the national invention patent, which is the first in China and with a quality close to the world’s advanced level.
The 20,000-ton spherical bearing, which is designed and produced for Harbin-Qiqihar high-speed railway, is the spherical bearing with the largest carrying capacity in the world.
The spherical bearing, which is designed and produced for Donghai Bridge, is the first anti-corrosion spherical bearing in China that is applied in highway bridge across the sea.  
The 9,000-ton hinge bearing is designed and fabrictated for Jinan Yellow River Bridge in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway;
The 17,100-ton swivel spherical hinge bearing, which is designed and produced for the cable-stayed bridge crossing over railway line of Zhengzhou Center, is the swivel spherical hinge with the largest carrying capacity in the world.   

LSMRI has a complete of R&D system for bridge accessories of railroad, highway, rail transit, and municipal facilities, holds more than 20 patents, and presided over or participated in the national standard “GB/T17955 Spherical Bridge Support”, the railway standard “Spherical Support for Railroad Bridges”, the transportation standard “Hyperboloid Spherical Anti-vibration bearings” and the urban construction standard “Spherical Steel Support for Bridges of Urban Rail Transit”.

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