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The Wind Turbine Blades Produced by SUNRUI Group Pass the Test of Super Typhoon

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Super typhoon “Ramasoon” lands thrice in Xuwen, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province on July 18, the largest center wind power reaches to level 17, the center wind speed is 61.5 m/s, is the strongest typhoon since 1973. After the typhoon, there are devastation and chaos in Xuwen. Plants and houses collapse, trees are uprooted. Several wind power plants just put into production soon also suffer the typhoon. Several forceful stand fans reel right and left in typhoon’s maltreatment. Some tower drums rupture, some hosts fall down. Although some tower drums and hosts are standing tall and upright, the blades appear various serious fracture from root to mucro. But surprisingly, 25 sets of fan in the same wind power plants of Xuwen and Anfeng are still standing tall, unexpectedly unscathed.
It’s a miracle! Under the circumstance that the fan blades in other wind power plants around are damaged, the blades in Xuwen and Anfeng wind power plants are safe and sound. Blade as the main strengthen bearing component of wind power equipment, its main function is fully receiving wind and transforming it into mechanical energy, in the face of strong typhoon, it also should be the most easily damaged part. The fans that suffer typhoon baptism successively start to restore power generation on July 22, 2015 after a careful check, which effectively support the disaster relief work.
The miracle happened in Xuwen and Anfeng wind power plants of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. The wind power plants are built by Chongqing Haizhuang Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd., equipped with 25 sets of 2MW wind turbine generator system, and all install the 2MW pre-bend AD87 wind turbine blade produced by Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade).
SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade is a specialist manufacturer that produces blades specially, was founded in 2008, with the industrial background of military production. In face of the rapid development and fierce competition of wind power industry, the company always adheres to the concept of “high technology, high quality, high standard”, seriously digests and absorbs all kinds of technology and process of foreign blade design and manufacture, breaks through the constraint of traditional technology, by means of introducing lean management, benchmarking management, excellent performance management and other advanced management modes, gradually grows into a enterprise that is prestigious in the whole industry.
Great waves sweep away sand, only the most excellent can stay. Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. develops from a younger to a model enterprise with public praise, all of which depend on quality. In recent years, domestic wind power market has experienced a kaleidoscopic change, domestic wind blade manufacturers rapidly reduced from nearly hundred enterprises to less than 20 within several years, the product quality problem becomes the great majority reason. Because of the plenty blade manufacturing processes, large proportion of manual operation, huge size of product, and a number of irreversible procedure, potential quality problem is easily to sowed in production. But for SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade, whose parent group is 725 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SUNRUI Group), it has inherited so many valuable genes: In 2013, “Nomination of The First China Quality Award”, “National Advanced Enterprise of Excellent Performance Mode Implementation”, “Quality Award of Henan Province Governor” etc., the series of honors can’t be separated from SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade’s contribution, which naturally give SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade an imponderable advantage. The honors and the culture heritage from parent group build up the quality and individuality of SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade. Aiming at the requirements and features of the blade, SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade carefully analyzes the international and domestic blade quality accident cases, comprehensively combs the hundreds of working procedure of blade manufacturing process, according to the lean management and process reengineering, launches the full participation of proposal, continuously innovates and optimizes process, establishes a set of independent, complete and comprehensive product quality management method, adheres to “survive on quality” idea, keeps “let users to rest assured” promise, thus SUNRUI’s product quality gains extensive acclaim from client, and gradually attracts overseas customers’ orders.
No accumulation of steps, can’t lead to thousand miles. After years of precipitation, SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade has the courage and strength to face typhoon directly, and the super typhoon “Ramasoon” is just a test and proof.
Picture 1: The other brand fan that destroyed by typhoon
Picture 2: The blade produced by SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade is still standing tall 

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